january 2009 for my girlfriend is a dm

My apologies for the lack of updates. We’ve been off to a slower start than expected due to scheduling hassles. Right now bits and pieces for various posts are lying in paper scraps stuffed in my wallet. Anyway, perhaps a review of the month is necessary, based on the top three posts (by hits). Our most popular posts for our inaugural month are:

Free Fall Combat in Eberron

I decided to have a luxury skyship explode.  My players would then fall through the air, and have 10 rounds before they would fall onto a floating land disc encircled by a powerful magical shield.  And — you guessed it — if they hit the shield their 4th level characters would be obliterated and die.  Throughout the entire free fall, they had to fight against 16 warforge led by a warforge savage by the name of Caliber, who were all working for a disguised Rakshasa. … Had I gone drunk with power and did not fully understand the responsibility of being a DM?

How Do You Put the Magic Back In Magic Items?

…Magic items kind of have a damned if you do, damned if you don’t thing going. If you don’t use them, your players eventually fall behind on the power curve to deal with monsters, even if they have high stat bonuses that, initially, make them capable of dealing with creatures four to five levels higher than they are. In that sense, the value of adventuring gear becomes purely mechanical. When you consider how many fantasy epics treat armor and weapons as objects of history and meaning, such a valuation of magical items becomes glaring: imagine if Drizzt Do’urden got rid of his scimitars simply because he needed a better attack bonus.

Beat the Geeks: The Problem of Established Settings

…while I know my fair share of Star Wars, I’m afraid to try out my neophyte GMing skills against such high standards and with people whose knowledge of the Expanded Universe borders on insane. To some extent, I think geek devotion towards popular settings breeds a slavish inflexibility, where any deviations from the canon lead people to cry foul. This is ironic, considering the whole point of playing a storytelling game is narrative possibility, and that I think should permit us to not just stray from setting canon, but turn it on its head.

3 Responses to “january 2009 for my girlfriend is a dm”
  1. theplaneswalker says:

    Hi there, Elminster, from Points of Light here. I have this page open automatically with my google chrome browser… i look forward for more articles such as Free Fall Combat in Eberron.I really like new creative ways to use the rules so i do plan on using that encounter with my players tomorrow or next sunday! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! We’ve got another such post coming up. We just haven’t been able to play as often lately.

    I also really like your blog, it’s actually a very top favorite of mine and I visit it everyday to see what new posts come up and I feel very inspired by it. “On Game Balance” and “Anything You Can Build, Features Can Do Better” are some of my favorite recent entries that I enjoy rereading.

    • theplaneswalker says:

      Thanks, but the real mastermind is Antioch! =)
      I am just in charge of the graphics and keeping the blog in order and error free!

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