Fringes of Khorvaire, Session 3

The third session of Fringes of Khorvaire was a mini-session more than anything else. Just a social encounter with Qolleb, the leader of a band of treasure hunting orcish freelancers. In all honesty, this really served as an excuse to take the campaign into an actual direction, as the moments after Khyber’s Harvest was really just aimless free-wheeling on my part. Although Qolleb is just as money-minded as the players, he’s also inclined to making arrangements that would be mutually beneficial for him and others. So, his proposition is to commission the adventurers to delve into the caverns of the Byeshk Mountains in exchange for any Dhakaani artifacts found.

He’s too busy with other enterprises and prefers splitting earnings with other people who can do things for him, rather than lose out entirely on any finds. And so, the adventurers head off to the Byeshk Mountains, where I have commandeered encounters of the Seekers of the Ashen Crown to be integrated into a larger story about the history between the fallen Dhakaani Empire and the daelkyr incursion, and trying to hook Hosso our goliath druid with a Gatekeeper background into stopping the forces that are currently working to bring down the barrier between Eberron and Xoriat.

I’ve already messed around with material from the Eberron Explorer’s Handbook from 3.5 about Aal’drash the Hobgoblin Prince and Katal Hazath, a githyanki enclave that rests on a tunnel into Khyber to develop future material. Of course, all that won’t come into play until later instalments of the campaign. For now, the party has to fight Kruthiks, and worry about whether or not their half-orc accomplice Doria will still be around when they emerge from the caverns. We had a hilarious one-liner though, when they debated whether or not to take an annoying Warforged scout into the caverns: “He’s a Warforged, not a canary! He can’t even sing!”


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