Great Moments and Highlights at Polyhedral

GM Raymz gives the shadowrunners a run through the shadowy world of Shadowrun.

If you’re wondering why My Girlfriend is a DM hasn’t been updated lately, then it’s likely you weren’t at Ludos Bar & Restaurant last Saturday. We and a bunch of friends, held POLYHEDRAL, an RPG event where newbies and veterans of pen and paper role-playing games alike sat together, rolled some dice and had fun.

For P250, guests got two free drinks, a handful of sweet sweet gaming dice and a seat at the games and a shot at the raffle of some great prizes such as the Player’s Handbook, Star Wars miniatures and even MORE gaming dice. We literally ordered dice by the pound. Always, remember gamers: dice is its own reward.

We had an expertly prepared game of Shadowrun from Raymz, who also served as our planning vizier and gave loads of advice on putting this thing together. Ruffi ran Star Wars SAGA Edition off the cuff with the utmost professional cool and provided us with a projector at the last minute.

For Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition – our signature game of choice here at My Girlfriend is a DM – Nosfecatu Publishing‘s Bj Recio ran the Buan Campaign Setting and showcased some impressive on the spot storytelling while Girlfriend DM gave the latecomers an intrigue-filled taste of Eberron on the Mournland Express. Yours truly ran a gladiator combat bonanza where players killed other players, at least when the traps didn’t get to them first.

Although things got off to a rocky start and a few brazen blunders were made, POLYHEDRAL was filled with special moments that made it worth all the while. Seeing the smiles on the faces of our guests was a real treat. People received their prizes with excitement and always seemed happy to get gaming. I didn’t see frustration when waiting for a chance to play, or irritation at some of the defective pregen character sheets. As Jerry Holkins puts it, “This is a good group. I want to explore this.

GM Beej introduces a twist of local folklore into Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition.

One of my favorite things about this event is hearing about the joy game masters took in running games. GM Raymz says that he loved putting a game together for complete strangers and seeing them have fun together. “The highlight of my game was when the hacker tried to sell orc porn to the pawnshop proprietor.” I’m telling you it takes a lot of work to put a game together and run it and an even more special person to enjoy doing so, so if you have a game master then give him a pat in the back. And buy him dinner.

Playground's Relly Carpio primes the sinister influence he holds over polyhedral dice.

Our venue liaison, Paolo Cruz of GeekFight! fame noted that seeing an audience gather around the gladiator combat and cheer for their friends as if it were an actual bloodsport was a real treat, and took nerdjoy from seeing Girlfriend DM navigate between the roles of storyteller and teacher for her Eberron game.

Another highlight was when Relly Carpio of Playground Magazine suggested we roll of 1d20+1d4-2 to determine a prize winner out of 22 guests. When the dice landed, lo and behold he won a fancy set of dice. Clearly he must possess some form of malevolent trickery to command such a favorable roll into existence.

I also appreciated the nerdy gusto in which Paolo helped us promote more sales for Ludos, the venue which generously hosted POLYHEDRAL, by advertising various consumables in RPG lingo. (i.e. his favorite beverages, he maintained, were guaranteed to grant Charisma bonuses)

POLYHEDRAL was a blast, and we hope to hold more events like this in the future. If you were there, we thank you for making it special.

If you attended POLYHEDRAL and had a blast there or simply enjoyed reading this post, kindly support My Girlfriend is a DM by purchasing RPG products from our Amazon associates store or supporting our friends from Nosfecatu Publishing by purchasing their Filipino folklore supplements for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

12 Responses to “Great Moments and Highlights at Polyhedral”
  1. beej! says:

    I really had a blast at Polyhedral! It was interesting how the party dynamic really glued together despite the short time at our table. And I got to introdce 3 people to D&D! That’s always a fun experience.

    I’m not sure if I tend to attract morally ambigous players or if that’s just how most players roll, but over the course of the game my players attacked a woman, a baby, and an old man. >.> To be fair, both the woman and the baby turned out to be asuangs, but the old man? He just wanted to have his eyesight back. Poor guy.

    Anyways, much fun was had, and I can’t wait for the next event!

  2. Antioch says:

    How’d my gnome do? @_@

  3. eliza says:

    Thanks for inviting JR over to oversee the boardgames/card games. I was only able to play two (Shadow Hunters and House of Quests I think?) but I had so much fun. Looking forward to play more games in the next event! 😀


  4. Ken says:

    This was the first time I’ve gamed in years. Thanks to the organizers for making it possible. Looking forward to the next session! : )

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