Eberron: The World in Rhyme

From Paolo Jose Cruz of Geek Fight! Trivia Night and a friend of Polyhedral comes this rap & R&B send up of Eberron.

This is a spoof of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys, based on the mythos of Eberron, the ‘dungeon punk’ campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. As much as possible, I tried to make it a geographical and political overview of the world and its key figures and power groups, although the verses i’ve written so far only cover part of Khorvaire. If anybody wants to suggest further verses about the other continents, please go ahead.

Eberron State of Mind

Yeah, imma up in Breland,
Now I’m hittin’ up Sharn,
Right next to d’Cannith,
‘Cuz i’m an heir of ir’Wynarn,
I’m like the new Galifar
And since I conquered here,
I can pillage anywhere,
Yeah, they serve me everywhere,
I touched base in Droaam,
All of my goblin armies
Now they relocate to Darguun,
Plot to bring back the Dhakaani,

I used to rep Cyre,
But now it’s all Mournland,
Like a Last War vet who wields with a phantom hand,
Cruising into Karrnath,
Zombies go “Damn, son!”
Aging so slow that Kaius is his grandson,
Me I’m up at Lhazaar,
Home of that lich d’Vol,
Cut a deal with The Aurum,
And we be tearing down the walls,
Incursion into Thrane, still keeping Silver Flame
Taking on the Church; Jaela Daran bring the pain,
I be Dragonmaked out, hope I get a Siberys,
Tell by my attitude that I just love to RP
In… In…

In Eberron,
Dungeon punk: it’s pulp crossed with fantasy,
and political intrigue!
Now you’re in Eberron
This setting makes games feel brand new,
The fluff will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for Eberron, Eberron, Eberron.


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