Oops: Too Much Gaming, Too Little Posting

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been this month, then rest assured that it was because we were gaming. My Girlfriend is a DM was missing post dates was because the Girlfriend was busy. Being a DM. I too, was busy being a DM. We’re all being DMs here. We’ve even got some Shadowrun and Star Wars SAGA Edition going on. For those of you who insist my use of ‘DM’ is D&D-biased, always remember that a condemned building or half-buried shipwreck is still a ‘dungeon’ no matter what your DM says.

Anway, we’ve been gaming practically non-stop every week with ‘Dr. Janberry,’ running through a homebrew campaign and a Dark Sun campaign of mine using reverse engineered material from the WotC previews. We’re gearing up for a return to The Shadows of Manila, and Girlfriend DM and I have been running biweekly campaigns (Mine is a modified Eberron, hers a high concept undersea world.)

In the meantime, we’ve been prepping up a horde of new posts. Look out for more reviews of the latest 4th Edition products, interesting new DM anecdotes from Girlfriend DM and various resources for players and DMs alike! Keep rolling those criticals!

One Response to “Oops: Too Much Gaming, Too Little Posting”
  1. Mark says:

    Great to see you guys have been busy! I really look forward to your new upcoming posts!

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