Gladiator Combat @ Polyhedral: Double Damage

On October 16, 2010, My Girlfriend is a DM presents the return of  POLYHEDRAL at the Last Home Resto Bar @ Madison Square Pioneer! A complete schedule of games (including Shadowrun, D&D 4th Edition and Star Wars SAGA Edition) is forthcoming — check out My Girlfriend is a DM on Facebook — but in the meantime here’re the guidelines for the Gladiator Combat tournament!

This Gladiator Combat tournament is for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition veterans who want to prove they can take on any other player with the best character they can build, THIS is the tournament. Simply get two other friends and build a team of three characters using the following restrictions:

  • You may only use races and classes from the Player’s Handbooks and campaign-specific Player’s Guides. No non-PHB races (Kobolds, Bladelings, Gnolls, Revenants, Assassins, etc.). Also, no Hybrids. They’re a headache to analyze. That means your options translate to:
    • Races: Changeling, Deva, Dragonborn, Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Eladrin, Genasi, Githzerai, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human, Kalashtar, Longtooth Shifter, Minotaur, Razorclaw Shifter, Shardmind, Tiefling, Warforged, Wilden.
    • Classes: Ardent, Artificer, Avenger, Barbarian, Battlemind, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Invoker, Monk, Paladin, Psion, Ranger, Rogue, Runepriest, Seeker, Shaman, Sorcerer, Swordmage, Warden, Warlock, Warlord, Wizard.
  • All characters must be Level 4.
  • You may only use class features, powers, feats, equipment and rituals included only up to the August 3, 2010 update of DDI/Character Builder.
  • Anything from material released after (i.e., from Dragon 389 or Dungeon 180 onwards, books released after August 3, 2010) means the character will be barred from the tournament.
  • Background related bonuses will NOT be allowed in the tournament.
  • The use and possession of magic items is strictly limited to one level 3 magic item, one level 4 magic item and one level 5 magic item for a total of three magic items. No other combination is allowed. Outside of magic items, you are allowed to have mundane ammunition, armor and weapons in your body, main hand and off hand slots. (No storing 20 daggers in your belt!)
  • Save your character sheet as a .PDF file, either by exporting from the Character Builder to PDF or by using the official editable PDF available on the intarwubs.
  • All character sheets MUST be submitted to (mygirlfriendisadm at gmail dot com) on or before October 13th, 11:59pm. You will receive confirmation if your character has been approved for play.  Should you wish to know immediately of confirmation, you may also include your cellphone number in the email so we can get in touch with you.  Please refer to the email format below for more details.

Registration starts at 11am, and the tournament will kick off at 12:30pm. Before the tournament begins DM Matthew will make sure all players are sticking to pre-submitted character sheets before allowing them to play. Those absent when it’s their turn will forfeit their match. Strictly no rematches.

Last but not least: don’t show up if you’re not willing to be EPIC. And remember, it’s just a game.  Have a great time!  See you at POLYHEDRAL for DOUBLE DAMAGE!


All emails must be in the following format, with all fields filled out.

Name of Team: (i.e. The Hand of God; The Gang of No Monty Python References)

Name of Players: (3 players to a team)

Name of Characters and Race/Class Build: (i.e. “Bad Ale Draconi, Dwarf Fighter; Battousai, Half-Elf Ranger)

Mobile/Cellphone Number: (Not required, please only share this if you wish to have your character approved and confirmed for play asap.  Only one number is needed for this.)

How Epic Are You Going To Be?

What Time is Registration at POLYHEDRAL? (So we know that you know that you have to be ON TIME 😉



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