A Guide to Polyhedral: Double Damage

For all you first-time players, hardcore gamers and curious newcomers to roleplaying games: POLYHEDRAL returns with another all-day event of gaming. We’ve spent all these months working to guarantee that there’s going to be DOUBLE DAMAGE this time around.*

And for your convenience, we’ve prepared a guide to all the events, prizes and fun to be had. With the exception of the gladiator combat, no character preparations are necessary! Just walk in, rol some dice, drink up and have fun at POLYHEDRAL: DOUBLE DAMAGE!

SHADOWRUN (1pm-4pm; 5pm-8pm)

In this exotic future where the magic of high fantasy and the noir sensibilities of cyberpunk collide, GM Raymz casts you and a handful of other players as shadowrunners, making use of technological savvy, magical talent and pure muscle to earn yourself cred in the bank and cred on the street.


DM Beej of Nosfecatu Publishing takes the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons and gives it a twist of Filipino folklore using creatures, classes and races of his own design. Play a spellcasting tikbalang, a murderous sigbin and witness the first ever public playtest of the elf babaylan.


Adventure in a time hundred years after the time of Return of the Jedi, as GM Ruffi presents a Star Wars experience like no other. You and your fellow players must survive amidst the conflicts between the Sith Empire, the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire as they vie for galactic supremacy.

IN A WICKED AGE (2pm-5pm; 5pm-8pm)

Through this accessible rules-lite approach to collaborative storytelling, GM Phil casts players as heroes of their own creation in a game that hearkens back to the simple tales of a sword and sorcery world.


DM Jammi casts her players into a Dungeons & Dragons setting where evil has won in an unforgiving wasteland ruled by tyrannincal sorcerer-kings and only the most brutal and unrepentant survive. On the burnt world of Athas, the players must display the mettle which proves that not all is lost for this world.

For more information, visit the official Facebook event page or check out the My Girlfriend is a DM Facebook page for further announcements!

* Damage does not apply to creatures that have the “resist fun” trait keyword

6 Responses to “A Guide to Polyhedral: Double Damage”
  1. tobie says:

    Awww… di na ako kasali? 😛

    • beej! says:

      Yeah, you forgot Tobie! @__@

      • we only posted up the schedule for the games that will be run by DMs who have told us exactly what systems they’re running at what time for what length 🙂

        it’s four days from POLYHEDRAL and tobie hasn’t told us what system he’s running and if he can really make it. so it’s not like we forgot anyone or didn’t include anyone 🙂

        if you can make it tobie, that’s great! but we can’t include you in the paraphernalia unless we’re a 100% sure about what you’re running. kakahiya if people show up expecting and don’t get to play kasi ^^;

        thaaaaaaaaaanks guys! see ya at POLYHEDRAL!

  2. Aww, you censored the sigbin’s butt! XD

    Props should go to Corpse Corpuz for the awesomesauce artwork, btw. 🙂

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