No Such Thing as Too Much Dice

What is the essential difference between a girl gamer and her male counterpart?  Is it their style of play?  Is it in character building?  Is it in crunch versus fluff? Nope boys and girls, it’s in the dice.  Or more specifically, how many sets one owns.

My first set: Lustrous Shadow with Gold by Chessex. These babies gave me 3 crits in a row against one of my players. Whoops!

“But how many sets of dice do you really need?” you might ask.   Darling, that’s like asking a girl why she needs one more pair of shoes. Many of mny close girlfriends own more than a handful of dice sets. And when the boyfriend protests a dice purchasing habit, many a girl gamer will defend herself. One girl says, “You can never have too many dice!” while another will say, “And the best part is, they’re cheaper than shoes!”

It’s true! I have found myself more than willing to splurge on dice rather than shoes.  In my frequent chats with girls about our dice, we have made the following observations.

They are just so darn pretty. How can you resist?

Of course, different girls have different tastes.  One of my friends has a collection made up almost entirely of pink dice.  Another is trying to collect dice sets for each Lady Gaga song.  I’m not quite sure what my own aesthetic standard are for dice, as they don’t seem to have much in common so far aside from the fact that they’re all ridiculously pretty.

Amber Gem Game Science Precision Dice.

Dice, like ex-boyfriends, get very jealous.

The problem with buying more dice is that the older sets seem to throw a fit over the introduction of newcomers. Such a crotchety response usually manifests in rolling  badly out of spite. I’ve seen one older set roll a critical failure THREE times  in a row. Ouch! These dice are essentially feeling inadequate and taking out their frustration on you, their master.

Another gamer couple has told us in all seriousness that you need to have the dice share the same space so that they can “get along”.  Rather than scoff at the idea (I’m always willing to try any bit of advice at least once), I’ve found it to be uncannily true.

Being pretty doesn’t equate to rolling well.

Okay, so despite the fact that dice aren’t as expensive as shoes, I’ll admit that you don’t have to convince your shoes to cooperate with your desires. Dice, more often than not, are fickle servants who must be rolled frequently before a game truly begins, to ensure that they are ‘trained’.

The whole point of dice is to roll high.  Roll high, and kick ass.  One girl asked me once, “Is there a way to roll it better, to get higher numbers?”.  Ah, if only this were possible without having to actually load the dice.  Many of us girls have latched on to GameScience Dice.  Their sharp edges are supposed to guarantee true randomness, at least that’s what GameScience’s Colonel Lou Zocchi says.

Chessex Gemini Translucent Green-Teal w/Gold - my gelatinous cube set.

Well, a girl will find any excuse to own more dice.

The truth of the matter is that while GameScience do really seem to roll out more randomly – ensuring that there are more 20s… and more 1s – the real reason my girls and I have gotten into them is that the gem dice sets are just SO sparkly.

My previous purchase was a gorgeous translucent teal set from Chessex.  I told myself I really needed them to (a) add a splash of color to my collection and (b) the corners were ironically so rounded, they rolled like gelatinous cubes and practically danced on the table.  (the d12 is practically an orb).

I knew it would be difficult to justify yet another dice purchase to Matthew, so I had to sneak the money to my friend right under his nose while he as playing BANG!. She then passed me my dice in a similarly clandestine fashion. You know there’s something wrong when you have to hide dice purchases from your boyfriend.

Fortunately this particular set was greenish in color, so I rolled a part bluff, part diplomacy check to tell him, “I got them for US.  Isn’t green your favorite color anyway?”  He gave me a skeptical look, but at our next game, he confiscated them and rolled them throughout the whole session. That was okay though, because my Tiefling Warlock (who was an angsty runaway teenager with a Dark Spiral Aura) didn’t really match those bright green dice anyway.  Well, that’s what I told myself while I pouted and rolled my older set.

Dice also make the best gifts for fellow gamers.

As an early Christmas gift, I received a gorgeous Steampunk set from Q-Workshop from a good friend.  I literally had tears in my eyes when she handed them to me.  They are easily my most beautiful set: each die has its own unique steampunk design.  THAT, and the dice even come with their own backstory:



These cubes are a part of a mad scientist machinery, that was supposed to influence time fate of those, who use it. Unfortunately for the scientist, the matter of the machine warped in the process, leaving behing only those cubes with the machine carved in them. The machine still works in the dice, ensuring the paint doesn’t wear off and altering the fate of those who use it.

It is in my humble estimation that the strongest bonds in gaming groups are forged between those who buy dice for one another. I spent weeks thinking about what set I could possibly get a fellow gamer who favors characters who fall into the Dark Side easily (my first campaign with him saw his Jedi transform into a Sith and try to kill all of us).  For Walker Using Ranger’s recent birthday bash, she received no less than three sets of dice.  (I was informed that my dice are in honor of Lady Gaga’s “Monster”).

And recently I earned myself one gazillion girlfriend points when I bequeathed Matthew with a set made entirely of pure metal.  I may have made a mistake as he tends to roll his dice hard, and these dice can easily cause 1D12 damage to glass tables and 1D8 damage to wooden ones (I am not joking, the damn things leave marks).  But boyfriend gamers deserve only the best, don’t they?

10 Responses to “No Such Thing as Too Much Dice”
  1. Dungeonmum says:

    I’ve got to say my husband and I are the other way round. I’m always trying to curb his dice addiction, he can’t see what the fuss is all about. Tries to convince me that they are ‘pretty’ etc. We have enough already!

  2. biopunk says:

    I have a been on a dice buying spree the past two years.

    It started with GameScience Gems (Topaz and Fire Garnet, to match the two d20 percentiles I bought by the company about 25 years ago…) and then three of their opaque sets. Before that, it was plain old black and white Koplows. (Five sets though, and then a yellow one…) The Crystal Caste Toxic neon green ones now beckon me, as has done the Q-workshop Green & Black Forest set for the last few months.

    Apparently, I have a compulsion.

    But not for the Chessex ones. They turn me off, both for their blobbiness and their illegibility. The rest of the group I play with all have them, and not one side of a d6 or d12 is symmetrical. I don’t understand their appeal.

  3. Peej says:

    Those Steampunk dice are just… just… beautiful…

    (looks away to wipe tears from both eyes)

  4. Gela says:

    You know those blue dice corinna was selling? Wait, IS she still selling? WHY HELLO THERE BIRTHDAY GIFT? HEE. HEE. I’m not even gonna try hinting, even.

  5. Kez says:

    Those are gorgeous dice. I am in love with that site now!

  6. Phalse says:

    Guys can have a dice addiction too. I have easily 100+ and my wife hates it. A few years ago after moving I lost the only two dice that I have never been able to find after losing. They just happened to be my favorite two out of my collection and the only two of their type that I have ever been able to find. They both had 20 sides, however they were numbered 1-10 twice. One was an opaque smoky quartz color, and the other was an opaque orange. I still have not found their match anywhere and lament that I ever will.

  7. Markus says:

    Trust me, both guys and gals can be addicted to dice. In my group, which has 2 male and 2 female players, both are equally attracted to shiny new dice. However, the females are the one who sew their own dice bags, while the guys just use plastic bags or boxes. I guess there is a difference then… 😛

  8. dldzioba says:

    With one exception, all of the people in my group (I’m the only girl) own more dice sets than me. I’ve got three sets of precision dice my boyfriend bought me, then I’ve got a small collection of oddball dice at home. A lot of my gamers have huge dice bags with a large variety.

    I’m more likely to buy dice to make jewelry out of (True story, the stuff sells well on etsy).

  9. Colin says:

    I’ve found that most dedicated gamers are dice addicts. The only people I know who aren’t are part-time geeks at best.

  10. Nando says:

    I LOVE your site and this post! I haven’t visited in a while (sorry). I HAVE to get the machinery dice you have! Where can I purchase them? Keep up the great work! I wish I could game with you guys. Been two decades since I’ve wandered the Realms…

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