Schwarzenegger: The Model of Great Roleplaying

Until Arnold Schwarzenegger faded from the movie screens and became the Governator, people rarely celebrated his contributions to science fiction and action cinema history. Now that it’s been several years since his last starring role (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) it’s become fashionable as of late to watch his films all over, whether to … Continue reading

Review: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Part 4: Welcome to Athas

Now, after three posts devoted to player content from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, we finally get to the DM content. And there is no shortage of stuff for DMs despite the decision to cram it all in the same 220 pages. None of it is insignificant in any way, and it comprises about half … Continue reading

Video Wednesdays: Rolling Dice the Rube Goldberg Way

Remember those incredible machines of compelling convolution by Rube Goldberg? Well check out such a contraption designed for the purposes of rolling dice. Link courtesy of Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source.

It’s Called Tabletop Gaming Not “Rebooting My Laptop” Gaming

Watching my fellow players and their fixation with technology in the past months has got me thinking quite a bit about the place of technology at the gaming table. They use their iPhones to store their character stats, run searches on their PDFs to locate situation-specific rules and rely on the character builder to track … Continue reading

February 2010 Blog Roundup: Choice Bits

I keep telling myself I’m going to do a weekly roundup of posts I like in the blogosphere, but I never get around to doing it. So here in no particular order, are ten of the many posts I bookmarked this past month. Krystal Adams of Dungeon Mastering does a pretty concise take on what … Continue reading

This Hobby Is Not a One-Way Relationship

With regards to WotC promotional content for 4e, most attention is given to the tease content for D&D insider, the podcasts, and recorded features of actual play sessions. However, WotC recently posted a half-hour special on the joys of DMing called D&D Dungeon Masters/Five DMs. It’s an interesting watch and the first bit of promotional … Continue reading

1000 Word Rant: Internet Consensus, the Content Calendar and the Neurotic DM

Recently, The Spirits of Eden’s Dennis Santana aka Wyatt Salazar has chosen to take a break from 4th Edition D&D. He self-deprecatingly declares that “if Wyatt was a corporation, this post would cause its stock prices to plummet hard.” He clarifies that this is not a matter of disenchantment, noting that he continues to play … Continue reading

My Favorite Blogs: Dice Monkey

I’ve decided that while my gaming is on a current downturn, I’ll occasionally talk about certain blogs on my blogroll. By no means, do I intend to suggest that other blogs are better than the rest. Rather, these posts are about blogs that I follow for reasons I can clearly articulate to myself. Simply put: … Continue reading

A Market Solution

Our recurring Eberron campaign, the one mentioned in previous posts by this blog’s titular DM, has generally placed an emphasis on story elements such as prophecy and birth, and high staked action-packed combat. With the characters so actively involved in large scale plot, the unfortunate result is that there has been an oversight in traditional … Continue reading