An Intarwub Primer to Dark Sun

As Girlfriend DM already established in our previous post, we are totally hyped for Dark Sun. The second season of D&D Encounters will be focusing on the new setting featuring an adventure called “Fury of the Wastewalker,” which also seems to be the same adventure in the podcasts that are currently being released with Penny … Continue reading

Inspired by Ink: Bringing tattoos into your game

I am as addicted to tattoos as I am to tabletop RPGs.  I got my first tattoo almost two years ago, and I’ve gotten inked twice more since then.  And yes, I am planning on getting more.  I’m not the only tattoo enthusiast who loves gaming: Vin Diesel and his tattoo dedicated to Melkor, drow … Continue reading

Review: Players Handbook 3; Part 2: New Races

In the first installment of my review of Player’s Handbook 3, I took a deep look at the classes introduced by the Psionic power source. They’ve all turned out to be pretty exciting classes to play, but with some quirks that may make them suited for more experienced players. I don’t think I mentioned this, … Continue reading

February 2010 Blog Roundup: Choice Bits

I keep telling myself I’m going to do a weekly roundup of posts I like in the blogosphere, but I never get around to doing it. So here in no particular order, are ten of the many posts I bookmarked this past month. Krystal Adams of Dungeon Mastering does a pretty concise take on what … Continue reading