Schwarzenegger: The Model of Great Roleplaying

Until Arnold Schwarzenegger faded from the movie screens and became the Governator, people rarely celebrated his contributions to science fiction and action cinema history. Now that it’s been several years since his last starring role (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) it’s become fashionable as of late to watch his films all over, whether to … Continue reading

Review: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Part 4: Welcome to Athas

Now, after three posts devoted to player content from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, we finally get to the DM content. And there is no shortage of stuff for DMs despite the decision to cram it all in the same 220 pages. None of it is insignificant in any way, and it comprises about half … Continue reading

Review: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Part 1: New Races & Builds

Call me a disgusting fanboy, but I’m continuously impressed by the improved quality between every succeeding release in the 4th Edition product line. Each new supplement improves upon its predecessor, and it kind of makes me wish they did the much-maligned Keep on the Shadowfell the way they did HS1 Slaying Stone, and had the … Continue reading

Rolling With It: RPGs as Post-Injury Therapy

A couple of months ago, a close friend of ours dislocated both of her knees. A doctor and aspiring orthopedic surgeon, this accident has been, to say the least, a source of much frustration. If you’ve never suffered a similar injury before (even if just briefly) then I want you to imagine what it is … Continue reading

Eberron: The World in Rhyme

From Paolo Jose Cruz of Geek Fight! Trivia Night and a friend of Polyhedral comes this rap & R&B send up of Eberron. This is a spoof of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys, based on the mythos of Eberron, the ‘dungeon punk’ campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. As much as … Continue reading

Player’s Challenge: Playing Against Type

Matthew has pointed out that between the two of us, I’m the one who most enjoys experimenting with race and class in D&D. Even in other systems, I enjoy trying different things, though I admit, this means I haven’t really mastered any one race or class. Two things pique my interest the most as a … Continue reading

An Intarwub Primer to Dark Sun

As Girlfriend DM already established in our previous post, we are totally hyped for Dark Sun. The second season of D&D Encounters will be focusing on the new setting featuring an adventure called “Fury of the Wastewalker,” which also seems to be the same adventure in the podcasts that are currently being released with Penny … Continue reading

Of Wizards, Wastelands and Worlds: Psyched About Dark Sun!

My memories of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Conan movies are fond and hazy ones.  As a girl who favored He-Man over She-Ra, I vaguely recall the joy of being a small girl watching copious amounts of blood wash over Arnold’s ridiculous muscles as he slashed down his enemies.  The world of Conan involved cultists and … Continue reading

Video Wednesdays: Rolling Dice the Rube Goldberg Way

Remember those incredible machines of compelling convolution by Rube Goldberg? Well check out such a contraption designed for the purposes of rolling dice. Link courtesy of Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source.

The Art of 4th Edition: Steve Argyle

For those of you who have read the past installments of The Art of 4th Edition, you may recall that one of the key criteria in deciding which artists we feature is The Dragon Factor. That is to say, an artist’s ability to depict in awesome ways, the pure awesome of dragons is a prime … Continue reading