State of The Game: March 2010

One of the reasons why you haven’t seen many posts lately on the art of GMing or playing RPGs is that we haven’t really played much lately. That should change in a month or so, as things are settling in our group once more. Two of the players were preoccupied with opening a bar & … Continue reading

Fringes of Khorvaire, Session 3

The third session of Fringes of Khorvaire was a mini-session more than anything else. Just a social encounter with Qolleb, the leader of a band of treasure hunting orcish freelancers. In all honesty, this really served as an excuse to take the campaign into an actual direction, as the moments after Khyber’s Harvest was really … Continue reading

Fringes of Khorvaire, Session 2

This Friday’s campaign session, continuing off from the start of a new campaign, unintentionally emerged as an experiment in skill challenges. We wrapped up the final leg of challenges in Khyber’s Harvest, battling dolgrims in the darkness and beating the crap out of the leader of a cult of Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes, and … Continue reading

The DM’s Little Helper Has A Campaign

Ran my first game in a long while, which incidentally is also the first time we actually had a game in a while. I was very happy with how it turned out: I wasn’t stammering throughout the plots or rushing players from encounter to encounter or constantly clearing out my throat to improvise. I came … Continue reading