Review: Players’ Option: Heroes of Shadow, Part Two

In part one of our look at Players’ Option: Heroes of Shadow, we discussed the new classes and class builds. In this installment, we’re going to take a look at the options meant to supplement previous material such as the new feats, races and paragon paths. Some players will consider it a bummer that the … Continue reading

Review: Players’ Option: Heroes of Shadow, Part One

The aggregated consciousness of the collective RPG blogosphere has already dispensed its fair share of opinions on Player’s Options: Heroes of Shadow, the latest book for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Rather than attempt to summarize or respond those opinions, I’m going to go straight into my own review. Heroes of Shadow is the first hardcover … Continue reading

Dungeoneering: Bark at the Moon

If I wasn’t bound by time, space and money, I’d probably run every single published adventure I could get my hands on. Now I understand that there’s some pride to be taken from making your own stuff, and there are definitely a great many campaign and adventure ideas I’d like to develop myself. Still, I … Continue reading

Video Wednesdays: The Actor’s Rooftop

James Lipton has never known such a thespian as this one, who, possessed of unparalleled eloquence, articulates in unrivaled fashion the nature of his craft.

An Interview with Metagame, Part One

Metagame is a web series about a group of quirky role-playing gamers and the DM who suffers their psychological hang-ups and neuroses. I enjoyed the series so much, that I knew I just wanted to get an interview with its creator and the principal cast. Metagame is written and directed mostly by Matthew David,  and … Continue reading

The Art of 4th Edition: Ralph Horsley

Over the two year of life span of 4th Edition so far, a few names have emerged as the go-to illustrators for the product line. Such illustrators, like William O’Connor and Wayne Reynolds, have become a recurring presence that have come to represent the visual identity of 4th Edition, much like Jeff Easley and Larry … Continue reading

No Such Thing as Too Much Dice

What is the essential difference between a girl gamer and her male counterpart?  Is it their style of play?  Is it in character building?  Is it in crunch versus fluff? Nope boys and girls, it’s in the dice.  Or more specifically, how many sets one owns. “But how many sets of dice do you really need?” … Continue reading

Why Go To Polyhedral: Triple Crit?

With last month of 2010 rolling in, we at My Girlfriend is a DM are holding the third POLYHEDRAL, the only RPG-centric event in Metro Manila. With apologies to my friends from outside the archipelago, I must say that if you haven’t been to POLYHEDRAL then you’re totally missing out. So for today, I present … Continue reading

Review: Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Part 3: Slayer, Thief & Knight

This post is a continuation of an extensive multi-part look at Heroes of the Fallen Lands, written by guest writer Phil Corpuz. Phil is an editor at Nosfecatu Publishing, a local publisher of Philippine mythology themed supplements for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Content from their products is represented on a regular basis at POLYHEDRAL. In the last … Continue reading

Video Wednesdays: Monstrous!

Clearly this man does not build monstrous race PCs for the stat bonuses.