He Says / She Says

He Says She’s a Dungeon  Mistress

Jammi is a newbie who last played D&D in High School as a precreated Halfling who survived one not-so-interesting 3.5 adventure.  This changed when she begged to be part of a Star Wars RPG tabletop group last year.  Since her days as a Twi’lek elite trooper armed with a cortosis blade and a dislike for Jedi, she has played regularly, as if it were a religion.  She has briefly been a call center agent turned vampire, an elf cleric in love with her step brother, and a japanese american speedster superhero.

Recently she has taken the leap from newbie player to newbie DM, and is currently running a brand spankin’ new 4th Ed D&D game populated by hardcore players who have had years of experience.  Will she survive to tell the tale?

She says he’s a DM’s Little Helper

Matthew is an old-school nigh grognard who has gamed in every possible format. His only previous experience with D&D is with various computer game adaptations ranging from the Gold Box series by SSI to the big budget affairs from Black Isle Studios. This changed when he dropped himself into a Legacy campaign for Star Wars as a slightly unstable Duros pilot. Since then he has been a German-Filipino werewolf, a molecule rearranging thrill seeker and an elven wizard with a cowardly streak.

Recently he has dared to go from excited player to aspiring DM, and spends most of his free time researching new ideas for characters and adventures, even providing inspiration for many wickedly evil encounters. Will he get the party killed in the process?

5 Responses to “He Says / She Says”
  1. paolo m says:

    Hi Jammi & Matthew

    Glad to know you are gaming. Wish I could join you. Have you tried the Fudge system?

  2. Geek Ken says:

    I’d like to contact you guys. Can you shoot me an email?

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