We’re back to give you more!  Keep your eyes on this page as we provide updates as they come in.  We’ll be giving you the heads up on your Game Masters and what games they’ll be running.  We here at My Girlfriend is a DM want to create an awesome event encouraging first time gamers to come in and join the fun!  And if you’re a veteran thinking about trying a completely new system, then this is the event for you too.


There’ll also be a sneak preview for some of the awesome raffle prizes you can win.  And of course, the ever popular Gladiator Tournament will be a part of TRIPLE CRIT.  The entrance fee of Php250 includes a raffle ticket, two consumable drinks, and dice you get to take home.  Did we also mention the 8 hours of gaming?  It’s going to be an awesome day for gaming!

To make sure you’re completely in the loop for all future updates, friend us on facebook!


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