No Such Thing as Too Much Dice

What is the essential difference between a girl gamer and her male counterpart?  Is it their style of play?  Is it in character building?  Is it in crunch versus fluff? Nope boys and girls, it’s in the dice.  Or more specifically, how many sets one owns. “But how many sets of dice do you really need?” … Continue reading

Why Go To Polyhedral: Triple Crit?

With last month of 2010 rolling in, we at My Girlfriend is a DM are holding the third POLYHEDRAL, the only RPG-centric event in Metro Manila. With apologies to my friends from outside the archipelago, I must say that if you haven’t been to POLYHEDRAL then you’re totally missing out. So for today, I present … Continue reading

Dice Play God With The Universe

Dice are the necessary evil of role-playing games. Sure, there are some role-playing games that have taken a swing at dice free mechanics, but that removes the element of chance that dice infuse into the resolution of in-game actions. As a consequence, players and GMs invest much significance into how dice are handled. These habits … Continue reading

Video Wednesdays: Rolling Dice the Rube Goldberg Way

Remember those incredible machines of compelling convolution by Rube Goldberg? Well check out such a contraption designed for the purposes of rolling dice. Link courtesy of Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source.