Gladiator Combat @ Polyhedral: Double Damage

On October 16, 2010, My Girlfriend is a DM presents the return of  POLYHEDRAL at the Last Home Resto Bar @ Madison Square Pioneer! A complete schedule of games (including Shadowrun, D&D 4th Edition and Star Wars SAGA Edition) is forthcoming — check out My Girlfriend is a DM on Facebook — but in the meantime … Continue reading

Review: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Part 3: Still More Player Options?

In the previous installments of this in-depth look at the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, we’ve examined the new builds for existing classes and the new races introduced by this well-hyped book, as well as the new options introduced for players such as character themes, wild talents and arcane defiling. In my opinion, the entirety of … Continue reading

Review: Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Part 2: More Player Options

In the first installment of my look at the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, I dug into the new builds provided by the book  for existing classes and the two new races introduced. They’re all pretty cool, but one of the best things about this book is that it expands on the flavor possibilities of characters … Continue reading

Review: Players Handbook 3; Part 4: Skill Powers, Feats, Magic Items

This is the final part of our multi-post look at Player’s Handbook 3. In previous installments, we took a look at the debut classes for the new psionic power source, which introduced some interesting and exciting mechanics, some of which are more suited for experienced players. We also took a look at the mechanics for … Continue reading

january 2009 for my girlfriend is a dm

My apologies for the lack of updates. We’ve been off to a slower start than expected due to scheduling hassles. Right now bits and pieces for various posts are lying in paper scraps stuffed in my wallet. Anyway, perhaps a review of the month is necessary, based on the top three posts (by hits). Our … Continue reading

How Do You Put the Magic Back in Magic Items?

Recently, Critical Hits’ Dave Chalker posted about magic items in D&D, complaining that while they are a staple of fantasy literature, their necessary ubiquity within the game takes away from any magical flavor they have, making them somewhat meaningless on any level outside of their mechanical value to the players. This is an area of … Continue reading